Bullnose Chamfer
¾ Inch

Victory Bear's PVC Bullnose Chamfer provides a look that can't be matched with other materials.

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Victory Bear Radius Profile Chamfer offers you a look that wood can’t duplicate, improving your finish and at the same time reducing your cost.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces Your Forming Cost – Victory Bear Radius Profile provides you a new design to offer – at a cost unequaled by wood.

  • Patented “Flexible Edge Seal” – Our patented Flexible Edge Seal fits tightly against the casting surface, preventing concrete seepage while creating sharp, crisp lines.

  • Hidden Fastening System – No finish blemishes from screw heads or excess glue. With Victory Bear Bullnose Chamfer, all screws and glue remnants are hidden under the surface or deep in between panel joints for a sharp, glass-like finish.

  • 100% PVC Saves You Money– PVC virtually eliminates concrete pitting caused by wood- wicking. It eliminates discoloration caused by wood sugars and almost entirely eliminates the need for grinding and patching, saving you man- hours or subcontractor expenses.