Precast Form Repair Compound (K-100)
Designed to Repair Steel, Wood
or Concrete Forming Beds for Precast

FORM REPAIR is a two-component, 100% solids, BGE
-free, epoxy gel system specifically formulated to bond to a variety of materials. The smooth, paste-like consistency makes FORM REPAIR easy to handle and apply to horizontal and vertical surfaces.

FORM REPAIR may be used as a patching compound and filling material for all types of precast forming beds. FORM REPAIR is designed for repairing holes, dents and spalls. Simply overfill and sand or grind to leave a smooth, very hard surface.

COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH, psi (MPa) 2,800 (20) ASTM D-695
TENSILE STRENGTH, psi (MPa) 1,300 (9) ASTM D 638
FLEXURAL STRENGTH, psi (MPa) 2,600 (18) ASTM D 790
TENSILE SHEAR STRENGTH, psi (MPa) 2,400 (17) ASTM D 1002
LAP SHEAR BOND STRENGTH (AL TO AL), psi (MPa) 1,670 (11.5) ASTM D 1002
CONSISTENCY Smooth, non-sag paste
WORKING TIME @ 77 °F (25 °C), min 15-20    
GEL TIME @ 77 °F (25 °C), min ASTM D 2471
16 oz. mass
25   ASTM D 2471
HARDNESS @ 72 °F (22 °C), Shore D 74   ASTM D 2240
SPECIFIC GRAVITY, g/cm3 0.88   ASTM D 792
MIXING RATIO, by volume 1-1    

Working Time
The working time (the time you have before it sets) of FORM REPAIR will vary depending on the air temperature and the temperature of the form. The average working time at 77 °F (25 °C) will be 15-20 minutes for one pint (0.5 l) of mixed material. In cooler weather, you will have more time to work with the material; in hotter weather, you will have less time.

Cure Time
The cure time (the time before the parts can be used) will also depend on the air temperature and the temperature of the form. The average cure time from the last application to start-up at 70 °F (21 °C) will be 4 to 5 hours. Preheating the parts will accelerate the cure time. Do not heat parts hotter than 100 °F (38 °C).

Application Instructions

Preparation of metal forms
Metal surfaces should be sand blasted or ground to a “white metal” condition. Apply FORM REPAIR within 24 hours of blasting. Wipe or tack the surface with isopropyl alcohol or mineral spirits just prior to application. The surfaces must be dry and have no standing water. FORM REPAIR compound may be sanded or ground smooth in 4-5 hours at 72 °F.

Preparation of wood forms
Remove all oil, grease or loose coatings from the wood form. The surface must be dry and have no standing water. The repair compound can be sanded or ground smooth in 4-5 hours at 72 °F.

Preparation of concrete forms
Sandblast, shotblast or grind the concrete surface. The surface must be dry and have no standing water. The repair compound can be sanded or ground smooth in 4-5 hours at 72 °F.

Uncured FORM REPAIR can be removed from tools and equipment with non-flammable COPPS ENVIRO KLEEN, isopropyl alcohol or xylol.

Packaging Convenience
FORM REPAIR is conveniently packaged in kits containing pre-measured containers of resin and hardener. To use, simply mix the resin and hardener in a 1:1 ratio by volume and apply. Unmixed material remaining in the cans can be resealed for future use.

Safety Precautions
CAUTION: Avoid breathing of vapors. Avoid breathing dust from sanding or grinding. Forced local exhaust is recommended to effectively minimize exposure. NIOSH approved, organic vapor respirators and forced exhaust are recommended in confined areas, or when conditions (such as heated polymers, sanding) may cause high vapor concentrations. Do not weld on, burn or torch FORM REPAIR or any epoxy material. Avoid skin or eye contact. Wear safety goggles when mixing and pouring epoxy. Wash skin with soap and water if contact occurs. If eye contact occurs flush with water for 15 minutes and obtain medical attention. Read and understand all cautions on can labels and material safety data sheets before using this material.

K-100-26.6: 3.6 Gallon = 832 in.3 = 7.34 lbs./gal. 31.4 in3 per pound 31.4 in2 per pound per 1 in. thick 62.8 in2 per pound per 1/2 in. thick 125.6 in2 per pound per 1/4 in. thick 251.2 in2 per pound per 1/8 in. thick

Warranty and Disclaimer
Copps Industries, Inc. gives no warranty, express or implied, and all products are sold upon condition that purchasers will make their own tests to determine the quality and suitability of the product. Copps Industries, Inc. shall be in no way responsible for the proper use and service of the product. The information given in this publication is considered to be accurate and reliable and is provided as a service only. Physical properties shown are typical. Actual properties are dependent on curing conditions and degree of cure. Any information or suggestions given are without warranty of any kind and purchasers are solely responsible for any loss arising from the use of such information or suggestions. No information or suggestions given by us shall be deemed to be a recommendation to use any product in conflict with any existing patent rights.
TB#4100 (07/20/05)